AVS Cover Editor

Decorate your CDs and their box covers



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AVS Cover Editor is the tool you will need when creating a new cover for your CDs or DVDs. AVS Cover Editor lets you create your own labels, edit and print them, so you will never have an unknown CD or DVD.

It can be really useful when you create a pack of tools and burn into a CD or DVD, because you can create its own label and it will look like a professional creation. Maybe the photos of your holidays, that amusing video or anything stored in a CD or DVD.

And if you don’t feel creative today, don’t worry, because it includes several presets and templates, so you will not have to spend your time drawing, and the included templates are really well designed and you can modify them by including the title of the CD/DVD or any image you want.

Try it, it will give a new look to your CD/DVD creations
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